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Wholesale Giftware

20 Years of working with our trusted suppliers. Our purchasing dollars go directly to genuine artisans.

How it works

Easy 5-Step “Headache-Free” Development Process


Please use our online inquiry form to describe your idea. Or give us a call: 800-653-9888. We will then set-up a focused, no-pressure phone call to review your idea in more detail.



We will provide you with a no-obligation quote which will provide details on the cost, minimum quantity, set-up charges and timeline for delivery


Most projects begin with a computerized mock-up of the proposed concept. You are able to evaluate and edit as necessary.



It is our obligation (and promise) to deliver you a perfect sample. You will receive a sample and have an opportunity to evaluate it. If changes are required, we will enthusiastically make them.


Most projects require a total of 60-90 days for delivery following approval of the sample. We guarantee quality and your complete satisfaction.



  • Expense 1 If a sample or art cannot be sent thru email, the client is responsible for shipping the material to our development office in Asia.
  • Expense 2 Client is responsible for the 1-time expense of shipping the finished sample from overseas to your location.