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Teapots & Tea Set

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  • Ceramic Tea Set - Swirl - 4 Cups

    Ceramic Tea Set - Swirl - 4 Cups


    Beautiful ceramic tea set includes 4 cups and a removable metal strain...

  • Teapot Yi Xing - Pumpkin

    Teapot Yi Xing - Pumpkin


    Pronounced Yee-Shing, this is a city and region in Southern China reno...

  • Glass Tea Pot with Warmer

    Glass Tea Pot with Warmer


    The next generation of tea accessories offers both beauty and practica...

  • Butterfly Tea Set (6 cups)

    Butterfly Tea Set (6 cups)


    Includes 6 cups and removable metal strainer. Teapot: 7" x 5.5" x 5.1"...

7 Item(s)

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