Dogs are best known for their compassion and companionship. Before bringing home a four-legged companion to your home, it is essential to ensure that he can easily fit in your family. If you have a big family then you need to make sure that your dog gets along with every member of the family as that will make him a family-friendly dog. The dog owner needs to take care that his dog considers every member of the family as his pack leader. If you are a first-time dog owner then head over to Bored Cesar to know which breed of dog is best suitable for you.

All families lookout to choose a breed of dog that makes an excellent companion. Let’s consider some of the breeds of dog that are best suitable for your family.


A family dog has to be energetic and friendly to get along with all the members of the family including children. Beagle is one of the ideal family-friendly dog breeds as it has friendly-temperament, a high energy level which will help you in establishing a great companionship with him.


Labrador is an ideal family-friendly dog breed. It has always been a popular choice among dog owners. Labradors are very social and can easily get along with whoever they meet. They love to be around humans so, if you have a big family then you must consider bringing home a Labrador retriever.


Newfoundland dogs are popularly known as nanny dogs due to their watchful nature and friendly-temperament. Due to their huge stature, they are best suitable for the family living in the large space. This furry animal is an ideal playmate for children.


It’s a fun-loving breed and known for their loyalty towards the owner. Due to their long lustrous coat, they require high maintenance. They can be a perfect playmate for your kids and enjoys the company of its family.

French bulldog

The French bulldog is best suitable for the people who prefer to live in apartments and have space crisis. This breed of dog can easily adjust in smaller spaces & these are one of the best dog  breeds for apartment living. This low-maintenance breed of dog is an ideal family-friendly dog.

The most important thing that a dog owner needs to consider before adding a furry member to his family is that your dog should acknowledge each member of your family as his pack leader. The dog owner needs to consider all aspects of the dog’s behavior to make sure that he can get along with all people of the family easily. Also, don’t forget to feed them high fiber dog food to ensure their state of well-being.