Rose water is basically made by distilling rose petals with water, It has been used since the middle ages and today also it is known for its potential benefits. It has become an important part of daily beauty regime of contemporary ladies.

Why is rose water beneficial for skin?

The rose water has potential benefits due to the presence of anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties present in it. It also provides all the moisture needed by your skin. It has no side effects and is suitable for any skin type. It is generally used in various beauty as well as food products.

Let’s find out other various health benefits of rose water

  • pH balance:

Rose water helps in maintaining the pH balance of skin as the pH of skin is generally between 4.5 to 6.2 which is considered to be acidic and nowadays people use lots of chemical products on their skin which makes it even more acidic and it results in acne. So applying rose water on a regular basis will help in maintaining the suitable pH level of the skin.

  • Helps in curbing acne:

Rose water helps in cleansing the skin which results in removing all the acne-causing bacteria from the skin.

  • Anti-aging property:

It has anti-aging properties which help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. And it also has anti-oxidant properties which protect the cells of skin

  • Skin toning:

Toning is a crucial part of beauty regime and it helps in removing all the dirt and oil from the skin. Rose water works as an amazing toner and it removes all the dirt present on the skin.

  • Helps in reducing skin redness:

Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing puffiness and redness. It also helps in healing any kind of soreness.

  • Anti-septic properties:

Applying rose water on cuts or wounds helps to heal faster as it has antiseptic properties present in it.

  • Helps in soothing digestion problem:

Rose water helps in aiding the problem of digestion and it also improves the secretion of bile from the bile duct.

  • Heal sore throats and flu:

Drinking rose water is beneficial to heal a sore throat as it provides relaxation to the muscles present in the throat and it also helps in curing flu.

  • Treat eye problems:

Rose water is also helping in curing eye related problems and it can be used as an eye drop.

  • Treat mental conditions:

Rose water has antidepressant properties which help in curing various mental problems like stress and depression.

Rosewater comes with endless beneficial properties but if you are using commercial rose water then don’t forget to ensure that it doesn’t contain any chemicals.