Playtime is the best time for kids of every age. It helps in the mental & physical development of children but it is necessary to provide them with age-appropriate toys. So, it is the task of all the parents to make sure that they make a smart choice while doing toy shopping. It may appear a difficult task but here we are at your rescue.

Picking right toy will give the child amount of time to explore, learn and enjoy. Investing money in a right toy may help in child’s development. By playing they learn to establish balance and develop flexibility. It also helps in improving his intelligence and plays a vital role in the development of interpersonal skills. Toys act as an instrument in achieving this goal. So, it is essential to provide them with toys which are appropriate for their age.

Age-appropriate toys suggest the toys that are specifically made keeping in mind the age group.

It is generally advised to choose toys keeping in mind the age factor as for ensuring the safety of the child. If a toddler is given a plaything which is small detestable parts then he might swallow it and results in choking.

Let’s consider the types of toys that you need to buy depending on the age factor

  • Newborn to six months:

As your child at this stage is just discovering the senses so you need to provide him with toys that will stimulate his senses. Baby toys like teethers, rattlers, chime toys, stuff toys may be provided. During this age, he learns to grasps things so provide him with such toys which he can easily hold.

  • Six months to one year:

By this time the baby knows to sit, crawl and laugh. So, the cause and effect of toys are appropriate for this age group. Like the toys that are operated by batteries would help in their development. Push-pull toys, musical instruments, pop up toys, etc are best for kids of this age.

  • One to three years old:

By this time your kid will be full of energy and he would be curious to explore everything around him. They will enjoy any kind of physical activity so the age-appropriate toys would be ride-on toys, puzzles, building block. Tricycle, water toys, etc.

  • Three to six years old:

By this time your kid will enjoy imaginative play. They will play with their toys showing special attachment. So, the right kind of toys for them includes puppets, storybooks, playsets etc.

  • Six to nine years old:

By this time, kids love to explore, invent and discover new things so you need to provide them with toys which can give them mental stimulation. So the toys appropriate for their age would be construction toys, science toys, magic set etc.

  • Nine to twelve years old:

By this time you can see the traits of their personality in their playing. They enjoy fast-paced games, remote-controlled, sports equipment, model kits, etc. It helps in crafting their skills and helps in physical and mental stimulation. Choosing the right kinds of toy is essential for proper growth of body and mind.
Well if you own a dog then you would probably know how much a toy means to a dog. Just like humans, dogs also love playing with their toys. It offers them mental and physical stimulation. It channelizes their energy and helps in avoiding boredom. Also, most dogs hide toys due to their natural instinct as it is their way to keep their prized possession safe & secure. It helps in keeping their health intact as they feel more relaxed after playing. The toys that your dog requires are Balls, Dog puzzles, Squeaky toys, Indestructible bone. Know more about it at Bored Cesar.

So, do follow this guide while toy shopping and invest your money wisely on the toys that will help in physical & mental development of your kid & dog.