Tibetan prayer flags

Nepal sutras basically written on these cloth banners were transmitted to the other regions of world as prayer flags. These flags are made [...]

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The jovia hotei Buddha is the god of contentment and happiness. Originally he was named hotei (in Japan) and pu-tai in china but [...]

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Significance of the Flower Lotus (Padma )

The flower Lotus or Padma as called in Sanskrit holds sacred values throughout the Asian countries prominently India , China and Japan. In [...]

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Longevity Symbol Meaning

The Chinese culture has always loved the idea of bringing longevity and good luck in their lives. For this, they have symbols [...]

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Bells and Gongs Significance in Tibetan Buddhism

According to the Tibetan Buddhism , ringing the holy bells and Gongs have always been the matter of showing affection towards the [...]

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Meditation – a way to Find ourselves

Meditation is the act of focusing your consciousness to one thing and its way of finding your inner self. From the Ancient times, [...]

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Elephant Statues in your Home

In Feng Shui, keeping animal statues or sculptures are always the best idea to attract the positive chi and bring in the [...]

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Rings – Spiritual Symbolism and beliefs

Many people Wear Spiritual ornaments like rings , earrings and pendants as part of their cultural beliefs and traditions. In Asian culture, wearing [...]

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Frog and Owl-Meditative Animals

Meditative Frog: Frog is associated with the Sacral Chakra or “Swadhisthana” .It is the animal symbolizing the “Life force” needs and represent [...]

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Kwan Yin and Buddha

In both Buddhism and Taoism, Kwan yin or simply Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion and mercy. She is the Japanese [...]

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