Elephant Statue in House – Feng Shui

An elephant has always been an auspicious symbol in many Asian cultures. Elephants have their sacred symbolism in Hinduism and Buddhism [...]

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Double Happiness Gifts for People

In Chinese language, there is a word for a happy and fruitful marriage. The written word Shuangxi is made up of two repeated [...]

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Double Happiness – a symbol of love and marriage

Double Happiness is an old traditional Chinese symbol commonly used as a ornament design and decoration symbol. It is a symbol of marriage [...]

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Perfect gifts for girls

Finding the perfect gift for a woman can be difficult, be it your sister, wife, mother or girlfriend. A gift that stays in [...]

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Wall Plaque and Lantern

If you are thinking of decorating your house, adding art pieces and accessories to your home walls are the easiest and best ways. [...]

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Kwan Yin , Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

Guan yin or Kwan Yin, as said in Burmese, is the “Goddess of Mercy and Compassion”. For centuries , she has [...]

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Horses in Ancient China – Significance and Inspiration

In Ancient times, horses were considered to be the fast mode of transportation and were part of the noble and high ranking families, [...]

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Feng Shui Cure to attract Money

Money and Good luck is something we all desire in our home and office. In Feng Shui, there are many cures to attract [...]

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How to Decorate Home Garden to attract positive energy into your home

Decorating your home garden with beautiful ornaments and pieces add an extra upshot to your outside space. Adding Household items and decorative nature [...]

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Japanese fans – Types and Symbolism

As we think of Japan, the very first image that comes into our mind is a lady wearing Kimono holding a fan and [...]

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