Celtic Triquetra Symbol Meaning

Triquetra is a tripartite symbol made by interlocking three” vesica pisces”, (leaf –like shaped ) marking the intersection of three circles. The [...]

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Wearing Animal Jewelry

Most of us adore ourselves wearing jewelry having designs and patterns of our favorite animals. Different animal charms and other animal jewelry often [...]

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Rings – Spiritual Symbolism and beliefs

Many people Wear Spiritual ornaments like rings , earrings and pendants as part of their cultural beliefs and traditions. In Asian culture, wearing [...]

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Archangel and their meanings

Archangels are powerful spiritual beings capturing our attention for centuries. The prefix “Arch “ is a Greek word meaning “to rule or chief”. [...]

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Zodiac Animal Charms – 12 Zodiac Animals in China

The China zodiac is made up of 12 animals and together they are known as “Shengxiao”. Chinese zodiac symbols consist of Rat, [...]

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Accessorize Yourself with Amazing Jewelery

Accessories are a way to add a style statement to your fashion. Often people pile a lot of accessory at once, making it [...]

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Celtic Symbols and their Meanings

For centuries , the Celtic symbols are epitomes of divine powers of nature and God. These Symbols are hard to understand but have [...]

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10 Most Important Reasons To Love Jewelery Wardrobe

Five Most Important Pieces You Need In Your Jewelery Wardrobe There's something for each event. Regardless of whether you require [...]

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Bangles & Bracelets

Get Attractive Bracelets and Bangles and Shine in Parties A bangle is one of the most important ornaments that woman wears. Bangles [...]

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Rings & Earrings

Love Earrings & Rings ? Receive the most fashionable jewellery [...]

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