Decoration material is used to decorate your houses with ethnic and unique Decoration Material-Incense burners, stone tree, Feng Shui, crystal balls, wall plaque, fly thru window magnets, Lunar new year decoration etc. These things can be used to decorate your houses on various occasions, festivals or celebrations or parties. Decoration Material-Incense burners, stone tree, Feng Shui, crystal balls, etc is used to reduce stress and beauty.

It increases the beauty as well as helps to reduce stress. It gives your house ethnic look and makes it look elegant. It increases the positive vibes in house and helps reduce negativity in the atmosphere. It spreads beautiful fragrance to your home.


If you are bored with your home decor and want to keep up with the latest trends then all you need to do [...]

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Sandalwood fan

Sandalwood fan is dated to over 3000 years ago, around the Shang dynasty. The first type of fan known as SHANHAN, was known [...]

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Wooden wind chime

Wooden wind chimes are found by Chinese civilizations in about 300 B.C. At that time, the Chinese were the first one to appreciate [...]

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Rolling lucky cat banks

Rolling lucky cat banks became popular after multiple folk stories about these cats from the story about a cat who saved a poor [...]

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Laughing Buddha statues, different Postures and their meanings

We just love keeping Laughing Buddha statues at our home or offices. They come in different sizes and with a variety of hand [...]

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Significance of the Flower Lotus (Padma )

The flower Lotus or Padma as called in Sanskrit holds sacred values throughout the Asian countries prominently India , China and Japan. In [...]

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Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi are Japanese dolls originated in Northern Japan. These dolls are handmade from different types of wood. These dolls have been made [...]

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Longevity Symbol Meaning

The Chinese culture has always loved the idea of bringing longevity and good luck in their lives. For this, they have symbols [...]

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Chinese Coins Hanger to attract money

Chinese coins were the metal currency since the 11th century. These auspicious coins represent the powerful union of the earth and the heaven. [...]

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Ceramic Artifacts for your House and Kitchen

If you ever were fantasized by the Asian blue-white porcelain and ceramic home accessories and desire for that artistic appearance in your house [...]

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