Sandalwood fan

Sandalwood fan is dated to over 3000 years ago, around the Shang dynasty. The first type of fan known as SHANHAN, was known [...]

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Tibetan prayer flags

Nepal sutras basically written on these cloth banners were transmitted to the other regions of world as prayer flags. These flags are made [...]

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Wooden wind chime

Wooden wind chimes are found by Chinese civilizations in about 300 B.C. At that time, the Chinese were the first one to appreciate [...]

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Rolling lucky cat banks

Rolling lucky cat banks became popular after multiple folk stories about these cats from the story about a cat who saved a poor [...]

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Wooden Chopsticks

A stylish set of chopsticks adds to the beauty of every dinner table. In Chinese “chop-chop” means hurry up and the word chopstick [...]

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The jovia hotei Buddha is the god of contentment and happiness. Originally he was named hotei (in Japan) and pu-tai in china but [...]

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