Frog and Owl-Meditative Animals

Meditative Frog: Frog is associated with the Sacral Chakra or “Swadhisthana” .It is the animal symbolizing the “Life force” needs and represent [...]

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Kwan Yin and Buddha

In both Buddhism and Taoism, Kwan yin or simply Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion and mercy. She is the Japanese [...]

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Pig Symbolism

Ever wondered how piggy banks got their name! Then here is the answer. In ancient times, Pigs are symbols of abundance, wealth [...]

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Buddhism -Significance of the Number 3

Have you ever thought of “Why is everything always done in three in Buddhism”? Then Here is the answer. The number 3 [...]

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The Sun and the Moon Mythologies

The Great American Eclipse On Aug 21, 2017, i.e. Monday, the United States of America had witnessed a total solar eclipse .The [...]

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Archangel and their meanings

Archangels are powerful spiritual beings capturing our attention for centuries. The prefix “Arch “ is a Greek word meaning “to rule or chief”. [...]

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Weeping Buddha

Story Behind the Weeping Buddha Statue The statue of the Weeping Buddha displays Buddha in a Bent over position, covering his [...]

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Buddha – The One who is Awake

The word “Buddha “means “one who is awake”, in the sense woken up to the reality, Gautama Buddha was the one. Originally [...]

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Angel Charms

Angels are the good spirits that occur in many mythologies and beliefs .They are associated with the celestial beings who are intermediates [...]

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Ariel Archangel Charm – Mother of Nature

The Word Ariel means “altar” or “lioness of God”. She is known as the “Goddess of Nature” or “Mother Nature” .She is [...]

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