Asian Influence to your House

Tired of the same look and feel of your house! Giving a change to your house with the Asian decor is fascinating as [...]

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Hotei Buddha – God of happiness and Contentment

The word “Hotei” means “cloth-sack”. Often pronounced as “Budai” or “Pu-Tai” , is a Chinese Folklore deity. In sixteenth Century Japan, Hotei [...]

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Fu Dogs-Symbol of Protection

In Asian Civilization, Fu Dogs pronounced as “Foo Dogs “are the ancient Chinese Guardian lions. Fu is a Chinese word meaning “blessing” [...]

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Buddha Statues-symbol of Enlightenment

For centuries, the Life of the Gautama Buddha has been inspiration to many people. He is the symbol of Enlightenment. Placing the Buddha [...]

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Zodiac Animal Charms – 12 Zodiac Animals in China

The China zodiac is made up of 12 animals and together they are known as “Shengxiao”. Chinese zodiac symbols consist of Rat, [...]

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Money Frog – A Feng Shui Cure

Feng Shui is way to decorate your house or workplace with Feng Shui practices and Products so as to maintain the positive energy [...]

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Serenity hands and Buddha

“Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance” - Gautama Buddha The word serenity means the state of being calm, peace and [...]

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Gautam Buddha and Mudras

Mudra is a Sanskrit word for hand gesture and finger postures. These are more of non verbal modes of communication and self expression, [...]

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Ancient Chinese Coins

History of Chinese Coins Around 2000 years ago, ancient Chinese coins are used as “Charm” and “Amulet “displays around China. These [...]

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Money Turtle in Feng Shui

All over the world, various culture and traditions have considered keeping animals’ and often their statues in their houses and workplaces as [...]

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